Alte Meister, a manufacturer of Buddhist altars, uses offcuts from that process to make its Hitotoki (Good Woods) line of wooden craft items.
b Prize Corporation is based in Aizu Wakamatsu and specialises in high-quality products that combine excellent workmanship with contemporary design appeal.
Bitowa is a creative forum for the production of contemporary lacquerware from Aizu Wakamatsu, one of the top lacquerware centres in Japan.
Bunaco is an innovative company that has devised a method to use strips of beechwood to make outstandingly beautiful products.
Chaco produces a wide range of charcoal items, many of which feature fine hard charcoal.


FD combines exceptional design with superlative craft skills in the production of outstanding household items.
Hirahan Senko specialises in fabrics, and traditional Japanese goods made from those fabrics, including hanten jackets and tenugui hand towels.
Iwachu makes traditional Nanbu tekki ironware in diverse forms that can enhance contemporary lifestyles, and even contribute to good health.
Kobo Takada produces high-precision balancing insects made of bamboo, wood and paper. The company's sales agent is Ehonjuku, and the person in charge is Chiaki Oshita.
Kousei makes watches to order for a wide range of clients, and here presents an original line of calligraphy watches.
Kumanodo is a source of original, whimsical wooden products that reflect an intense commitment to craft perfection.
Monma Tansu has been making superior Sendai-style traditional chests for more than 100 years.
Ochiya's chief creator Yuya Sasaki explores contemporary applications of a centuries-old lacquerware tradition in Hiraizumi, Japan's one-time "city of gold".
Snow Peak makes an exceptionally fine range of items for campers, walkers and any other fan of outdoor activities.
Tansu Kobo Hakoya is run by Ryohei Kido, a maker of handcrafted treasure chests who here presents two types of picnic seats.
Ten Craft explores the potential of Aizu Wakamatsu's diverse workshops in the creation of products that add a modern twist to craft traditions.
Tsuchiyu Kokeshi is a centre for the production of wooden dolls that are one of the craft symbols of the Tohoku region in Japan.