Easy Kneeler

A handmade Japanese pauwlonia seat composed of three interlocking pieces. Disassembled, it is easy to carry around in the cotton bag provided. A user adopts a kneeling position, with one leg on either side of the Easy Kneeler, then sits down on the flat seat. The vertical support is available in various lengths, suited to the leg flexibiity of each user. The featured Easy Kneeler is not lacquered, but does have a protective prepolymer coating. A seiza-isu has long been used by Kabuki musicians, who may spend long periods kneeling on stage. The Easy Kneeler has one vertical support, as opposed to the two of a kabuki seat. The Easy Kneeler takes the strain off the knees and makes kneeling comfortable. It can enhance the comfort of anyone who regularly engages in prayer or meditation, and facilitates good posture. It can also function as a picnic seat.

Specifications for Easy Kneeler

  • Craft Type
    Drying, cutting, processing of wood, coating
    Shipping Dimensions
    Shipping Weight

Made by Tansu Kobo Hakoya

Tansu Kobo Hakoya is run by Ryohei Kido, a maker of handcrafted treasure chests who here presents two types of picnic seats.