A Piece of Cake (Shortcake)

Reflecting Kumanodo's origins as a maker of music boxes of all shapes and varieties, these real-looking slices of cake are actually 18-note music boxes that play their tunes when the decoration on top of the cake is pulled. They are ideal as birthday presents or simple gifts. Mr. Kumano grew up in a family that made the famous Sendai wardrobe chests, which are well-known for the intricacy of their manufacturing, and after first hearing music boxes in Germany, he began to apply his manufacturing knowledge to the production of music boxes that come in almost any shape and size imaginable, from miniature 18-note pieces in the shape of small toys or decorative objects to 144-note masterpieces in exquisitely crafted heirloom-quality boxes.

Specifications for A Piece of Cake (Shortcake)

  • Craft Type
    Many woods including black persimmon, paulownia, zelkova, and cherry bark
    Machining and hand cutting, hand finishing, precision woodwork, inserting of music box mechanism
    Shipping Dimensions
    Shipping Weight

Made by Kumanodo

Kumanodo is a source of original, whimsical wooden products that reflect an intense commitment to craft perfection.