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A set of 17 different *tenugui*. Soft but durable, these cotton hand towels can be used as washcloths, kerchiefs, bandages and more. For much of the 17th and 18th centuries, Edo, as Tokyo was formerly known, was the largest city in the world. It was a gathering of humanity that demanded mass production, interchangeability and an almost modern sense of the modular. You can see that in the one-size-fits-all design of an item such as the *tenugui*. However, the people of Edo also wanted to be fashionable and stand out, and Hirahan Senko's *tenugui* reflect that as well. Hirahan Senko are masters of the technical challenges involved in dyeing, and of making customised designs that meet contemporary needs while still maintaining a sense of the history and tradition.

Specifications for Tenugui

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Made by Hirahan Senko

Hirahan Senko specialises in fabrics, and traditional Japanese goods made from those fabrics, including hanten jackets and tenugui hand towels.