Dolltop Accessory Case (Samurai)

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Dolltop Accessory Cases are small containers that are just the right size to hold accessories. Ochiya products are a modern reimagining of the traditional crafts of Hiraizumi, an area that was designated in 2011 by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Hiraizumi is particularly well known for its lacquerware. In addition to more traditional items such as bowls, plates and chopsticks, Ochiya also makes highly contemporary items such as iPhone and iPad covers, as well as fountain pens and wine glasses. These accessory cases combine two craft traditions: Naruko kokeshi dollmaking and Hidehira lacquerware. They are a cute way to add a touch of Japan to your home.

Specifications for Dolltop Accessory Case (Samurai)

  • Craft Type
    Cherry birch, horse chestnut, lacquer
    Woodwork, lacquering

Made by Ochiya

Ochiya's chief creator Yuya Sasaki explores contemporary applications of a centuries-old lacquerware tradition in Hiraizumi, Japan's one-time "city of gold".