Your Need and No More

A men's wristwatch with a stainless steel case and leather band. The phrase on the face means, essentially, “Live on what you need, and no more than that”. The kanji characters in which it is written are also inscribed on a handbasin in a teahouse garden at a well-known Kyoto temple. Kousei is based in Tokyo, but its watches are made using parts and processes in the designated disaster zone, including Nagano Prefecture and Iwate Prefecture. Kousei demands high precision, and their choice of partners in the affected areas underlines the superior quality of the workmanship available there. The calligraphy on the watch was produced by the Tokyo-based artist Yukiko Takahashi. Although machines and computers play key roles, dedicated fine workmanship is still required in the creation of made-to-order watches like this.

Specifications for Your Need and No More

  • Craft Type
    Stainless steel, reinforced glass, leather strap
    Machining, polishing, hand assembly, testing
    Shipping Dimensions
    Shipping Weight

Made by Kousei

Kousei makes watches to order for a wide range of clients, and here presents an original line of calligraphy watches.