Bamboo Woodwing (Pair of Dragonflies/Bamboo Sprig)

Kobo Takada's bamboo woodwings are ornamental woodcraft items. They will balance on just about anything, and sway delicately in the breeze. Takada used to make industrial items such as components for movie cameras, but one day he made the bold decision to go low tech. Takada's dragonflies are masterfully designed using bamboo from Fukushima, and he takes great pride in them. He also hopes that the therapeutic nature of his products will help strengthen the emotional bonds between people, and between generations. Each bamboo woodwing is hand made, so no one is exactly like another. Their delicate swaying motion encourages self-reflection and relaxation.

Specifications for Bamboo Woodwing (Pair of Dragonflies/Bamboo Sprig)

  • Craft Type
    Hand-carving, machining

Made by Kobo Takada

Kobo Takada produces high-precision balancing insects made of bamboo, wood and paper. The company's sales agent is Ehonjuku, and the person in charge is Chiaki Oshita.