Woodwing Kit (Paper Dragonfly)

Woodwing kits are made of sturdy card stock and come in kits that you put together yourself. A fun alternative to the pre-assembled painted woodwings and bamboo woodwings. Takada used to make industrial items such as components for movie cameras, but one day he made the bold decision to go low tech. Takada's Woodwing kits are a fun, do-it-yourself craft item for people of all ages. Takada hopes that the therapeutic nature of his products will help strengthen the emotional bonds between people, and between generations. Why not put together a woodwing kit with your own family? For the Woodwing kits, users are encouraged to add their own designs with markers. Fascinating new versions are in the pipeline in Japan. Make a traditional Japanese balancing toy your own!

Specifications for Woodwing Kit (Paper Dragonfly)

  • Craft Type
    White card
    Cutting and pasting

Made by Kobo Takada

Kobo Takada produces high-precision balancing insects made of bamboo, wood and paper. The company's sales agent is Ehonjuku, and the person in charge is Chiaki Oshita.