Air Freshener (Charcoal Log)

A small air freshener that is great for use just about anywhere. When Chaco got into the charcoal business, they were looking for a way to revive charcoal's fortunes in a market where its value as a fuel was being swiftly undermined by alternatives like gas and oil. One big opportunity came when they found a way to improve the taste of rice by placing white charcoal in the rice cooker. This opened the door to a diverse range of new charcoal products, including charcoal cleansers and shampoos, as well as charcoal fresheners. This smaller air freshener is a practical addition to any indoor space, and an attractive product in its own right. Add a little touch of Japan to your life.

Specifications for Air Freshener (Charcoal Log)

  • Craft Type
    Japanese oak
    Charcoal production

Made by Chaco

Chaco produces a wide range of charcoal items, many of which feature fine hard charcoal.