Charcoal Cleansing (Shampoo)

Chaco's charcoal cleansing products, presented here as a set of shampoo and facial cleanser, make use of the rich mineral content of charcoal. When Chaco got into the charcoal business, they were looking for a way to revive charcoal's fortunes in a market where its value as a fuel was being swiftly undermined by alternatives like gas and oil. One big opportunity came when they found a way to improve the taste of rice by placing white charcoal in the rice cooker. This opened the door to a diverse range of new charcoal products, including charcoal cleansers and shampoos, as well as charcoal fresheners. Chaco's cleansing products use only the minerals in charcoal—not charcoal itself—to guard against hair cuticle damage. The shampoo will leave your scalp with a fresh and clean feeling.

Specifications for Charcoal Cleansing (Shampoo)

  • Craft Type
    Charcoal minerals
    Shipping Weight

Made by Chaco

Chaco produces a wide range of charcoal items, many of which feature fine hard charcoal.