FD Style Oroshi (Oroshi)

The FD Style Oroshi is a superior grater for use in the kitchen. Two types are presented here. The one that resembles a cheese grater is typically used in Japan to grate *daikon*, while the one that resembles a flattened spoon (“Spice Oroshi”) might be used to grate *wasabi*. But we think you'll find that both types are a joy to use as they minimise hand stress, and we invite you to experiment! FD is located in Niigata Prefecture and works extensively with a diverse array of small and medium-sized factories that make metal-based products. The company also relies on experience and feedback from customers when designing its products. These products not only strive to improve the quality of the user experience, but also the sustainability of production. The FD Style Oroshi is an example of FD's efforts to rethink and improve everyday objects. With two options for fine grating, the Oroshi is designed to minimise hand stress. Grates equally well when being pushed or pulled.

Specifications for FD Style Oroshi (Oroshi)

  • Craft Type
    Stainless steel, flourine resin coated parts
    Stamping and cutting of steel, coating with resin
    Shipping Dimensions
    Shipping Weight

Made by FD

FD combines exceptional design with superlative craft skills in the production of outstanding household items.