Dutch Oven (Micro Pot)

Snow Peak Dutch Ovens are portable ovens used for cooking, and are ideal to take on camping and other outdoor trips. Snow Peak creates a wide range of outstanding items for people who enjoy outdoor activities. As the company built its reputation among hikers, campers and other outdoors enthusiasts, it maintained a strong sense of its local community as well as of its users as a whole. Its products are enhanced tremendously by the craft skills available in the area of Niigata Prefecture where the company is based. The Dutch Oven is one example. The Dutch Oven is made using a special process called ductile iron casting, which enables the iron to be considerably thinner and lighter than most other cast iron products. This also means that the oven both heats up and cools down faster.

Specifications for Dutch Oven (Micro Pot)

  • Craft Type
    Casting of molten iron in handmade sand and ceramic casts
    W162×D130×H94mm [Lid: W162×D130×H32mm, Pot: W162×D130×H68mm]
    Shipping Dimensions
    Shipping Weight

Made by Snow Peak

Snow Peak makes an exceptionally fine range of items for campers, walkers and any other fan of outdoor activities.