Seppou Knife

A knife with a Shirogami steel blade and a chrome-plated stainless steel grip. It is particularly useful for whittling wood quickly and effectively. Snow Peak creates a wide range of outstanding items for people who enjoy outdoor activities. As the company built its reputation among hikers, campers and other outdoors enthusiasts, it maintained a strong sense of its local community as well as of its users as a whole. Its products are enhanced tremendously by the craft skills available in the area of Niigata Prefecture where the company is based. The blade of the Seppou Knife was hand-forged by a local craftsman using Shirogami steel of the finest quality. Shirogami, also known as “white steel”, is an exceptional material used in many high-quality Japanese knives and tools.

Specifications for Seppou Knife

  • Craft Type
    Shirogami steel blade, chrome plated stainless steel grip
    Hand forging of steel
    W199×D34×H8mm, 74mm blade
    Shipping Dimensions
    (when stored) W119×D31×H8mm, W558xD540xH284mm
    Shipping Weight

Made by Snow Peak

Snow Peak makes an exceptionally fine range of items for campers, walkers and any other fan of outdoor activities.