Single Action Table

A table that opens or folds up in one easy motion. Set up a dining area, or a place to play a game of cards, almost instantly. Snow Peak creates a wide range of outstanding items for people who enjoy outdoor activities. As the company built its reputation among hikers, campers and other outdoors enthusiasts, it maintained a strong sense of its local community as well as of its users as a whole. Its products are enhanced tremendously by the craft skills available in the area of Niigata Prefecture where the company is based. The table is made of aluminium and Japanese bamboo.

Specifications for Single Action Table

  • Craft Type
    Laminated bamboo tabletop, aluminium legs and folding mechanism
    Laminating, bending of aluminium tubes
    Shipping Dimensions
    (Carton 2) W1,250xD410xH130mm
    Shipping Weight

Made by Snow Peak

Snow Peak makes an exceptionally fine range of items for campers, walkers and any other fan of outdoor activities.