Sake Saucers

Sake saucers (*sakazuki* in Japanese) are traditionally used to serve sake on ceremonial occasions, but these ones could also be used for buffets and snacks. Coated with urethane. Whereas most Aizu lacquerware products tend to be practical everyday items, all the items in the Bitowa collection are so exquisite that many people will prefer to use them decoratively. The Bitowa collection was created by a team in Aizu Wakamatsu whose aim was to combine contemporary design aesthetics with the best Aizu lacquermaking traditions. Aizu is one of the few craft centres in Japan where specific tasks (woodworking, lacquering, etc.) are divided among highly specalised artisans. This makes the best use of each person's skill.

Specifications for Sake Saucers

  • Craft Type
    UF resin, urethane coating
    φ80xH26, φ93xH30, φ110xH35, φ126xH41, φ152xH48, φ198xH63mm
    Shipping Dimensions
    (set of 6 W)207×D207×H125mm
    Shipping Weight

Made by Bitowa

Bitowa is a creative forum for the production of contemporary lacquerware from Aizu Wakamatsu, one of the top lacquerware centres in Japan.