Bunaco Faggio Speakers

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New to Bunaco's product line, these loudspeakers are intended as true high-end statements in home sound reproduction, while at the same time serving as beautiful decorative objects that fit into any modern living environment. Designed in conjunction with acoustic engineers, the loudspeakers use Bunaco's artisan process of layering together fine strips of beechwood to produce gorgeous non-resonant cabinets that allow all the fine details of recordings to emerge unmasked by deleterious cabinet noises. The cabinets, in turn, house single drivers selectable with either wood or paper cones. Not only do these cone materials produce the most natural musical timbres, but the single-drivers themselves, covering the entire effective frequency range (about 70-20kHz) without a crossover, give these loudspeakers a level of coherency and image specificity that multi-driver loudspeakers cannot match. Musically involving, visually stunning, and environmentally sustainable, the Bunaco Faggio loudspeakers are highly representative of the blend of art and function that distinguishes true Japanese artisanship.

Specifications for Bunaco Faggio Speakers

  • Craft Type
    Beechwood strips, speaker mechanism
    Coiling of beechwood strips, joining offset and shaped parts, coating, finishing
    Shipping Dimensions
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Made by Bunaco

Bunaco is an innovative company that has devised a method to use strips of beechwood to make outstandingly beautiful products.