Papier-mâché "Roll" Models (Shippo/Red)

Each “roll” model is a decorative good-luck charm. Knock one over and it will roll upright again, making it an apt symbol of resilience in the face of adversity. Made from recycled paper. These stylised versions of Daruma dolls are embodiments of perseverance that can be traced to a tale told about Bodhidharma, a Buddhist monk. Legend has it that he lost the use of his legs after years of continuous meditation. These roly-poly dolls have a strong contemporary appeal even though their basic shape and the various design motifs have a long history. The interlocking-loop (*shippo*) motif is used here to suggest emotional bonds. The waves (*seigaha*) represent surges of good luck. The arabesque (*karakusa*) is used to convey the idea that strong “tendrils” of good luck extend from the past into the future. And the snowflakes (*sekka*, literally “snow flowers”) encourage the viewer to battle on past current ordeals. These items were produced under Ten Craft supervision, and were made possible by the diverse range of craft skills that can still be accessed in the Aizu region.

Specifications for Papier-mâché "Roll" Models (Shippo/Red)

  • Craft Type
    Lacquer, ceramics, glassware, papier-mâché
    Recycled paper
    Lacquering, wood-processing, glass manufacture
    Shipping Dimensions

Made by Ten Craft

Ten Craft explores the potential of Aizu Wakamatsu's diverse workshops in the creation of products that add a modern twist to craft traditions.