Nodate Mug (Medium/Black)

A handmade lacquered wooden mug with elk leather strap. While it can be regarded as a conventional mug for use at home or at work, this is easy to attach to a backpack when planning picnics and other outings. It is called a “nodate” mug because this is the name given to outdoor tea-serving events incorporating elements of the tea ceremony. Available in red, plain, and black, and in large, medium and small versions. Aizu Wakamatsu has a history of offering practical products that are suited to everyday use. The city has a long tradition of product “curation” by local craft producers, and these items offer one example of the various initiatives being undertaken by Aizu producers to develop new opportunities for local craftshops. Each mug is individually turned on a lathe and then lacquered using a *fuki*-*urushi* technique, whereby lacquer is repeatedly applied and wiped off to emphasise the grain (figure) of the wood. They have been enthusiastically received by hikers, climbers, and other outdoor enthusiasts for whom a natural wood product is a new experience, given that “outdoor” cups are typically metal or plastic. Satisfied customers have even been known to send in photo vistas taken on mountain peaks. with their treasured Nodate Mug in the foreground. These items were produced under b Prize Corporation supervision, and were made possible by the diverse range of craft skills that can still be accessed in the Aizu region.

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Made by b Prize Corporation

b Prize Corporation is based in Aizu Wakamatsu and specialises in high-quality products that combine excellent workmanship with contemporary design appeal.