Shibuichi Lacquered Glass (Red/Small)

Elegant glasses with a *shibuichi* (alloy) ground on which increasingly rich lacquer is layered, followed by the application of a transparent lacquer finish. Available either large or small, and in cut-glass variations. Aizu Wakamatsu has a history of offering practical products that are suited to everyday use. The city has a long tradition of product "curation" by local craft producers, and these items offer one example of the various initiatives being undertaken by Aizu producers to develop new opportunities for local craftshops. To look at one of these glasses you might imagine that it is made of metal. But if you hold it, you will sense the delicacy and lightness of fine Edo glass. A perfect balance of glass and lacquer, and of past and present, has earned these glasses the top design award in Japan. Edo-*kiriko* cut-glass versions are also available, offering a stunning in-glass show of light and shadow, These completely original glasses are already drawing attention in New York where they have been praised for adding new dimensions of sensual pleasure to the drinking experience. The appearance of the glasses will evolve as the years go by, with the lacquer layers subtly revealing their natural beauty. These items were produced under b Prize Corporation supervision, and were made possible by the diverse range of craft skills that can still be accessed in the Aizu region.

Specifications for Shibuichi Lacquered Glass (Red/Small)

  • Craft Type
    Lacquered glass

Made by b Prize Corporation

b Prize Corporation is based in Aizu Wakamatsu and specialises in high-quality products that combine excellent workmanship with contemporary design appeal.