Wood Strokes

This stationery set (five pencil brushes, sharpener, ink) offers a unique take on calligraphy. Instead of a conventional brush, items that look like pencils are sharpened, dipped in India ink, and then used to write or draw in any way you wish. This item is part of the Hitotoki (Good Woods) product line from Alte Meister, a maker of Buddhist altars and related goods. While a wide variety of beautiful wood is used to make Buddhist altars, the manufacturing process inevitably generates offcuts. Previously, offcuts were burned in furnaces that helped to dry timber. The Hitotoki line was created to make better use of offcuts. Each item in the Hitotoki collection draws attention to the sensual appeal of different kinds of wood. The Wood Stroke pencil brushes are made from such materials as pine, cryptomeria and cypress.

Specifications for Wood Strokes

  • Craft Type
    Various kinds of wood
    Wood cutting/processing
    (pencil) W8×D6×H170mm, (pencil sharpener) W24×D35×H18mm
    141g (incl. pack)
    Shipping Dimensions
    Shipping Weight

Made by Alte Meister

Alte Meister, a manufacturer of Buddhist altars, uses offcuts from that process to make its Hitotoki (Good Woods) line of wooden craft items.