Mousepad (Red Motif)

A choice of lacquerware mousepads, decorated with a signature arabesque motif. Go ahead and put a computer mouse on one. Monma Tansu has been making fine Sendai *tansu* (chests) for more than 100 years. It is one of Sendai's most famous makers, carrying on a tradition that has lasted for nearly four centuries. The chests and other furnishings made at Monma Tansu are steeped in the history of the samurai. In the 17th century, the lords of northern Japan lavished fine wares on themselves, including Sendai *tansu*. Monma Tansu also makes other furnishings using the same fine materials and craft methods, including contemporary ones, like this mousepad. These mousepads are the end product of an artisanal process that includes cutting, hand lathing, polishing, lacquering and hand-stamping. 400 years of history on your work desk.

Specifications for Mousepad (Red Motif)

  • Craft Type
    Zelkova wood
    Cutting, hand lathing, polishing, lacquering, hand-stamping
    Shipping Dimensions

Made by Monma Tansu

Monma Tansu has been making superior Sendai-style traditional chests for more than 100 years.