Handbag (z1930 RO)

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This bag is made of black persimmon wood, one of about forty different woods used by Kumanodo. The wood is not coloured with varnish, thus preserving its natural tones and grain patterns. The bag is smooth to the touch, and its appearance becomes richer with use. It complements either Western or Japanese dress, and fits into both formal and casual settings. Each product in Kumanodo's huge selection of beautifully finished and stylish wooden handbags embodies understated sophistication. The handmade artisan production, using only wood along with primarily natural materials such as leather for fittings and wood for interlocking joints and precision clasps, and the uniqueness of the tone and grain pattern of each piece of wood, makes each bag an original. The bags are both light and rugged in ways that are only possible because of their special materials and handmade construction.

Specifications for Handbag (z1930 RO)

  • Craft Type
    Many woods including black persimmon, paulownia, zelkova, and cherry bark
    Machining and hand cutting, hand finishing, precision woodwork, wood-dyeing
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Made by Kumanodo

Kumanodo is a source of original, whimsical wooden products that reflect an intense commitment to craft perfection.